Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What I do when no one is looking

John is out at trivia night tonight. Totally a man date with Rick. If they win they get free beer next week. I think the bar is on to something. Win, you have to come back to the next trivia night to claim your beer. And then you're too smashed to win again, so then you have to come back the next week to regain your glory. They have it all figured out.

And what do I do when the kids are sleeping and the hubby is gone?

I sit on the couch with my dog, knitting and reading blogs. Yes I am wild.
Don't you loooooove my ghettofab footstool/table? It is also a toybox. Shazam!

I also take my ring off so I can photograph my tan. Someone stop me before I get really wild.

This is the knitting of the day. Shorties for Sarah. Fresh blue. Love the softness. I'm nearly to the graft.

Kid news of the day... Niall will now willingly sit on the potty. He made a poo deposit yesteday, but I'm pretty sure he didn't plan on doing that because it freaked him out a bit. So now he will sit, but he will not produce. He knows about the jellybeans though, so it's only a matter of time.

I had to include this because it's so funny. Yes ladies, this is what is coming home to me at the end of the night. Probably smelling of beer. You are soooo jealous. Admit it.

1 comment:

Jen said...

Yay for poop deposits in the potty! Go Niall!

I'm thinking a jeallybean reward system for potty usage is something I need to implement in my house too (for me...). ;)