Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am a hillbilly

I have diagnosed myself, because the copay for a specialist is $50.
If the website for the mayo clinic is correct, I have plantar fasciitis or a bone spur or whatever you want to call it. Basically it feels like I've stepped on a rock.
Treatment - stretches and wearing shoes, and some ibroprofen once in a while.
I can totally do the stretches. They're fine. They feel great actually.
The shoes... Good Lord. This bites. I mean really. It's JULY. In NORTH CAROLINA. I'm supposed to be barefoot. or in flipflops. It's like the law or something.
but no... I have to wear tennis shoes and socks ALL DAY LONG.
Actually I have them off right now because I'm sitting here with my feet up on the train table.
But really... this bites. Kelly told me my feet will be nice and soft with no callouses. Whoopity doo!
Jenn has them too, but I think wearing shoes might be a little easier in Sweden.

wah wah wah whine whine whine winge winge winge. I'd stomp my feet but they hurt.


Grumpy said...

That does suck, but welcome to my world. Put on some good cotton-y socks... a good cream and you'll have awesome feet .... (maybe I should take my own advice!) :)

Abby said...

My mom and I both have (currently in remission) plantar faciitis, and it does truly suck. However, these shoes:

which happen to be *great* for plantar faciitis, are currently on sale at nordstrom.

Megan said...

Hope it feels better soon!

Megan said...

P.S- thanks for stopping by last night. Adult conversation is always nice :)

Milli said...

Thanks Abby! I wonder if they're wide enough. hmmm I see a trip to Nordstrom this weekend. :)

Jill said...

Well Milli, you are in good company!! I hate shoes. And when I am not at the hospital (they get cranky if I come to work in flip flops, lol) I seldome wear shoes from April-November. So I can't imagine being told to wear shoes and socks ALL THE TIME in the summer. Uhg. I feel your pain!
Jill :)