Friday, July 06, 2007

one word.... NIALL

I have not been knitting today.
I have been trying to find my engagement ring.
which was on the nightstand yesterday.
when some little stank baby wandered into my room with a sharpie.

I'm waiting on my neighbor to find his pipe wrench.

especially since when I found him yesterday he was playing in the sink.

I have moved my nightstand, gone through its drawers.
Taken apart my bed - and I mean A PART. Like down to the frame.

Cried a bit.

Cried a bit more...

Remind me that I love that baby.


Jenn said...

You love that baby.

Hope you find that ring!

Miss T said...

You do love him. ((((((((Milli))))))

Megan said...

Oh no!!Did you find it?