Thursday, July 05, 2007

More anNIALLation, sports, and dirty peaches

I really should learn.
Rowan left the kitchen gate open. My bedroom is on the other side of the kitchen.
There was a sharpie on John's nightstand.
the quiltI later found that he also got the wall, the window, the headboard, and my lampshade.
It's a good thing I love him.

If you ever doubted that knitting was a sport, here's your proof. I sometimes have to tape my fingers. Hangnails and yarn do not mix. It's a sport if you have to tape things.

I got peaches at the farmer's market so we could make peach ice cream for the 4th.
John was delighted with this particular peach.

Especially when it's placed next to this particular peach. Scandalous!


Jennifer said...


K said...

As one who also has a husband who sees no problem with leaving sharpies in plain view, I've had my share of sharpie incidents.... the worst involved hand-painted furniture, two weeks before the grandparents who purchased the furniture were due for a visit. I called Sharpie, totally freaking out, and they actually referred me to a product that WILL take the ink out. I found it pretty easily at fountain pen stores... Ammodex. I bought two bottles and have used quite a bit of it. I keep one just for me and one is the playgroup "loaner" bottle. :)

K said...

Sorry, it's Amodex.

Megan said...

dirty peaches- hehe!

Jill said...

LOL at the peaches. . . that is nursing humor at it's best! The things we think look like body parts. . .

Heather said...