Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hey, I knit too

Last night I had the fun of going to Megan's house to knit and talk about Harry Potter and watch the Red Sox (kind of) on her TV. Yay sports package!
Her little stash inspector was being his cutest naughty self. Yay for knitting with friends.
Of course I was responsible and took Deanna's britches with me, and worked on them too. Go me.
However, I have had the summer to forget how awfully long a 12" inseam is! Holy Malowly is it long.
Shown here at just a little over 11" as I'm starting to do the cuff. 80 rows baby. 80 rows.
And no, I don't do magic loop. I find a perverse pleasure in keeping count of how many rows with my clicky-do or my Rowsary. I'm warped like that.
With luck, they'll be done this weekend. Assuming I get some knitting time.

Loki helped me knit. She's a good dog like that.


Jen said...

Oooh, pretty longies! And cute doggie. :)

For those of us newbies here (ok, ok, probably just for me), what's magic loop?

Megan said...

Yes yes, please explain the magic loop, I've heard about it several times and am totally clueless. Oh, and after that travesty of a game on Wednesday, we totally kicked booty last night :)

Milli said...

Y'all know for any question you check knittinghelp. :)
under small diameter circular knitting is the magic loop video.

Megan, come playoff time I'm moving in if they don't have it on the networks.