Saturday, June 16, 2007

Because I'm arrogant, or maybe I need a little more time, or something

I'm consolidating blogs. I kept two (actually more than that but two actually get updated) and I've been pretty bad at it. I update when I feel like it.
But I read lots of blogs. I just spent most of today feeling icky and reading blogs. And I feel mildy cranky when other people don't update their blogs. But I don't update my blog very much, so who am I to talk?
Well then. I'm turning over a new somethingorother. Whatever it is when you attempt to be better at something that you've attempted at being better at before. That's it. And because I'm so so arrogant, naturally I think that the knitting people want to know about my family. And my family people are just dying to know what I get up to with all that yarn.

For the knitting people, no worries. You'll still be right here, with the tempting glass of tea on the top of the page (ha Chelle! Go fix some tea!) But now you'll be privvy to pictures of my kids, and stories like the toilet incident and new pictures of John's beard progress.

For the family people, you now get to see what I'm knitting, and how I'm spending my time when I should be taking care of the kids and the house.

I'll probably be a bit more rambly. Because it will feel like I have more free time. Less pressure to keep two blogs going. More time to play Hassee (yes I am secretly a 12 year old girl. Totally John's fault. He showed me neopets to get me to play another game that got to be too hard once you got to the level with all the water and the rocks. I prefer feeding doughnuts to cute things.)

The old blog will stay where it is, so we don't lose the archives and all. Some day I will figure out how to get it all nicely printed out so we can have it on a shelf somewhere. No worries.

I'm pretty sure I'm talking to myself most of the time anyway.

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K said...

Milli, several of my friends have used Blurb to "publish" their blogs. I'd like to spend some time (my 2-5AM schedule is WIDE open!) editing a lot of our posts to printing them for the boys. Of course, the odds of that happening any time soon are small... Anyway, the books look great and don't seem to be unreasonably priced. Oh and consolidation works for me. :)