Monday, June 18, 2007

Better about blogging

Right. I'm going to do my best to do it up right. If you make a comment, it will make me feel like my efforts are worthwhile. *heavy handed hint*

Sooo. The waiting list is empty at the moment. Stacy's longies are done and drying, and they're way cute. I don't have a picture yet though, because I need to truck them outside for proper lighting, and I'm not doing that until they're dry.

You can see them here though, with my new trick. I've figured out how to read and knit at the same time. This is big folks. The lack of good TV in the summer (I'm in a reality show nightmare) and the fact that we never remember our netflix movie until it's too late to start one... plus I can't watch anything during the day since Rowan no longer naps (the boy is afraid of the Oompa Loompas - even in the new version. So anything with any amount of strife - which is almost anything that's not on PBS - is out). Had to do something to break up the miles and miles of stockinette. And voila. My library card is going to start to smoulder.So I cast on for the Fantastic Ribbedity Tube of Rainbow Delight. It is fantastic. And ribbed. And it is a rainbow. The yarn is from Tara, who got it from her dad, who got it at a yard sale or out of the trunk of someone's car or something. I think he paid $1 for a bunch of it, because he's cool like that. It's 80's Red Heart acrylic. Oh yeah! I tried to use it some in the baby hats, but it made a really ugly baby hat, so I didn't do that. What else can you do? Cast on so the colors will line up and make a tube of Rainblow Delight.
I also started on my first ever sock. See... the payment came due for the coop sock yarn from 3 Irish Girls, and while it is ok to order sock yarn while you still have some lying around that you've never knit - when it comes time to actually pay for this yarn... well you need to quit pretending and actually cast on a sock. So there. I'm now a sock knitter. Oh and I got Clodagh and Elsbeth. Aren't they pretty! Also, the above needles are the teeny addi dpns that are allowed in the courthouse. Just in case you need to know.It's pretty surprising that I have any time to do any knitting at all, what with the feeding Rowan. Here he has a sandwich for his 3rd lunch of the day. He also ate 3 breakfasts. And he's asking for a snack right now. Growthspurt anyone? I fear the teenage years.And finally, for your amusement, here is my latest venture into ghettofabulousness. I duct taped the edge of the stapled down lino to the carpet, because it came up, and I might as well because I have duct tape patches all over the thing anyway. I mean really. Who puts carpet in a dining room? Not me. Not ever ever ever. When we are not renters anymore, I will rip up any carpet that is anywhere near an eating area. Even if we're on the bare subfloor, there will be no carpet in any area that involves oatmeal. Fab! (and Rowan will still sing "In the ghetto" from that Elvis song. It's funny.)


Heather said...

So, what's the trick to reading while kinitting? I need to know! I think if I could figure it out, I'd be more efficient than when I knit and Pin. I stop too often to post replies, and then I'm not getting any knitting done. Put me in front of the TV though and I can finish a pair of shorts in a day, KWIM? So, reading might be a bit more like TV watching, I'm thinking.

Miss T said...

Greetings from the Ghetto. ;)

What is the Ribbedity Tube of Rainblow Delight? I cannot wait to see.

Big Brother 3000 starts soon! Yay!

Jenn said...

Hej hej!

Yeah, I wanna know what the Ribbedity Tube of Rainbow Delight is, too.

Congrats on casting on your first sock. Now I feel as thought I need to actually FINISH my first sock. I mean, I've only been working on it for about a year now. Hmmmmm.

Jess said...

he he... I should show you our duct tape. It's holding a paper bag where a bathroom fan used to be. lol! Hub meant to fix it... but when he got the fan out realized it was bigger than just fan replacement. SO, duct tape it is. lol!