Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'll have pictures later

But Loki is sleeping on my foot, Rowan passed out in a chair, and Niall's in bed. I have coffee and I'm hanging out on the net. My forum kind of exploded over the past couple of days. Oh the drama! It's entertaining to watch and say "ooooooohhh" over. Like a forum soap opera in real time. I've landed in a good spot.
The ghettifying of the window will take place this afternoon. As will the next and what will hopefully be the last prototype in the pull on interlock wool cover so I can finally make it out of actual wool instead of out of hideous purple with aqua stars.
Rowan has pants made out of that fabric. It's very bright.

And I have succeeded in knitting myself a stroller. Not the actual stroller, but the money from the knitting - saved and hoarded over the course of months - has finally accumulated enough for me to click the buy it now button on ebay. Woo! You'll see pictures when I get it.

And the Fantastic Ribbedity Tube of Rainbow Delight is just that. A tube. Of rainbow. Delight. It's not really for anything at this moment. Just me saying - look it's ribbed! and the colors line up! I'm so cool!

If it's long enough for a scarf, some lucky person might get it.


Megan said...

I can't wait to see the stroller!! Thanks for coming over tonight :)

Jess said...

Congrats! Strong work!

Oh yes, drama... I stay out of it! lol!

Fowler family said...

Milli, what a great blog. Your boys are so handsome! And, I am VERY impressed with your knitting and sewing skills