Friday, June 22, 2007

Quicky picture post

How is a person supposed to get anything done around here?
It was quiet. I should have known. But lately here, quiet has meant that little boys are in the book nook reading nicely. Little did I know it was all a setup.
A great big setup. Fooled you, Mom. Ha!

In other Niall news... in addition to powder, he is apparently into interior design. Or graffiti. You decide. Here he's yelling, "Crayon!" for the camera. We have discussed the merits of paper at length. I'm just happy for the magic eraser.

Rowan is still working on giving up his nap. If he holds still long enough he falls asleep right where he is. Even if it looks wildly uncomfortable.

And here's the wildly interesting sock. LOOK! A pattern! Isn't that the most coolest thing you've ever seen in your entire life? The yarn is Lana Grossa if you're wondering. I can't really read the ball band too well. It's in German.

And finally, your Ghettofab home decorating idea of the day:
If the boys are consistently up at 5am, and your 2 year old insists that curtains hanging within reach are to be pulled down immediately, then I would suggest some lovely black poster board. Just use some packing tape and stick that sucker up there. 88 cents at your friendly neighborhood Michael's - the ghettofab choice in home renovations.
It didn't work out too well this morning, but yesterday I had to go in and wake Niall up at 6:50 so we could take John to work.
And I won't be putting stickers up on it either. I thought about glow in the dark stars, but I don't want to call attention to it. I'm sure Niall could find a way to bring it down if I called it to his attention.


Miss T said...

Oh! What a fancy fair isle sock, Milli. You are so clevahhhh.

What's powder doing in the book nook anyway?

Jennifer said...

Just be glad that is not permanent marker. Even the magic eraser doesn't work on that stuff.

I'll Be Repainting Before We Move

Megan said...

Your boys are too adorable :) Gabe gave up his nap when he was about 3, but when school started he always slept during rest time (for the first half of the year or so). Thank goodness for rest time!

Grumpy said...

Oy on the powder!
Don't let the boys into the Magic Eraser whatever you do... it's quite hazardous.
Love the "Ghetto" look. gotta get me some of those curtains! :) Though happily neither of my children believe in pre-dawn hours.... I'm pushed to get either of them up before 8:30! LOL!