Sunday, June 24, 2007

The night time diaper saga

This looks like a pretty simple bit of sewing doesn't it? It probably would have been if I'd had a pattern to start with. But I didn't. I did have help from the ever lovely Pheobe, and if I hadn't I probably would have gone through even more trials than I did. Thanks to her, there were less than 15.

She's also where I got the windpro fabric for the diaper. We used night time diapers, and then went through a spate of leaky leakiness, so started using sposies. And then those started leaking, so we tried other kinds, and all of them leaked, so it was back to square one. Enter the windpro. It was covered by a knit cover, but even that only worked half the time. So I had to break out the sewing skills.

If his sheets aren't dry in the morning, I'm going to be very put out.


Grumpy said...

Those are cute, can't wait to see how they hold up!

Jennifer said...

Hope it works! Is that interlock or pul? I can't tell. Lyle is having a few leaks lately too- but I think a doubler will handle it for now. Eek! I hate to think of that extra large double-bubble butt.