Friday, June 15, 2007

Just in case you need to know...

The Wake County Courthouse does not allow addi turbo needles. Nor do they allow the long metal Susan Bates DPNs. But they don't mind if you have the very short addi DPNs.
If you wish to keep your knitting needles you can't surrender them to the desk because they will keep them. But if you are ultra sneaky you can go outside and hide them in one of the Free Real Estate Magazine boxes and hope they'll be there when you come out.

Doing a swatch for a sock is much less tedious when you are waiting your turn in line.

They won't tell you beforehand, but you need to bring letters from your insurance company saying that they paid for your car - AND you ALSO need to bring a letter from your insurance company saying that they paid for the other guy's car. If you don't have that they won't even look at you and will tell you, "Come back July 13th." (but at least I'll know a little bit more of what to expect then, right?)

Funny thing: I realized that my turn was next and I was halfway through a row. I didn't say it, but I did think, "let me finish this row." Old habits die hard.

Good thing: The knitting needles were still in the magazine box when I got out.

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