Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Remember this soaker?
How lovely. How pretty. How well it fit.

Gack. I killed it.

I washed it, lovingly, in the sink.
I put lanolin on it. I let it soak.
I put it in the washer to spin so it would dry quickly in time to be worn tonight.

I forgot it.

I washed it on hot. HOT hot. With a cold rinse.

And then I threw it in the dryer.


Now on the needles... A replacement. I wonder how fast I can knit it?


Jennifer said...

Oh that is so sad :( Our old minds need reminders for stuff like that, don't they! Set a timer or alarm next time so you don't forget. Or put a note on the washer for yourself. '

I bet the second one will be even better! Happy knitting-

Grumpy said...

Oh ((hugs))

I did that with my favourite green pants. They now have the dimensions for a newborn.... they're going to CA tomorrow.