Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The stroller that Milli knit

It took 6 months to save up for it, but man is it cool!
I had to pry the boys out of it to get them to bed.
Best part... it fits in the trunk of the car with room to spare.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The night time diaper saga

This looks like a pretty simple bit of sewing doesn't it? It probably would have been if I'd had a pattern to start with. But I didn't. I did have help from the ever lovely Pheobe, and if I hadn't I probably would have gone through even more trials than I did. Thanks to her, there were less than 15.

She's also where I got the windpro fabric for the diaper. We used night time diapers, and then went through a spate of leaky leakiness, so started using sposies. And then those started leaking, so we tried other kinds, and all of them leaked, so it was back to square one. Enter the windpro. It was covered by a knit cover, but even that only worked half the time. So I had to break out the sewing skills.

If his sheets aren't dry in the morning, I'm going to be very put out.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Quicky picture post

How is a person supposed to get anything done around here?
It was quiet. I should have known. But lately here, quiet has meant that little boys are in the book nook reading nicely. Little did I know it was all a setup.
A great big setup. Fooled you, Mom. Ha!

In other Niall news... in addition to powder, he is apparently into interior design. Or graffiti. You decide. Here he's yelling, "Crayon!" for the camera. We have discussed the merits of paper at length. I'm just happy for the magic eraser.

Rowan is still working on giving up his nap. If he holds still long enough he falls asleep right where he is. Even if it looks wildly uncomfortable.

And here's the wildly interesting sock. LOOK! A pattern! Isn't that the most coolest thing you've ever seen in your entire life? The yarn is Lana Grossa if you're wondering. I can't really read the ball band too well. It's in German.

And finally, your Ghettofab home decorating idea of the day:
If the boys are consistently up at 5am, and your 2 year old insists that curtains hanging within reach are to be pulled down immediately, then I would suggest some lovely black poster board. Just use some packing tape and stick that sucker up there. 88 cents at your friendly neighborhood Michael's - the ghettofab choice in home renovations.
It didn't work out too well this morning, but yesterday I had to go in and wake Niall up at 6:50 so we could take John to work.
And I won't be putting stickers up on it either. I thought about glow in the dark stars, but I don't want to call attention to it. I'm sure Niall could find a way to bring it down if I called it to his attention.

You always knew it was true

I'm knitting my first sock, and I'm using self patterning sock yarn for it.
I look at this pretty pattern and think, "oh how cool!"
I keep showing it to John to make him tell me how awesome it is.
I get to a repeat and think, "oh look! It's doing it again!"

I am very simple and easily amused.

Pictures later. Need naptime for that.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'll have pictures later

But Loki is sleeping on my foot, Rowan passed out in a chair, and Niall's in bed. I have coffee and I'm hanging out on the net. My forum kind of exploded over the past couple of days. Oh the drama! It's entertaining to watch and say "ooooooohhh" over. Like a forum soap opera in real time. I've landed in a good spot.
The ghettifying of the window will take place this afternoon. As will the next and what will hopefully be the last prototype in the pull on interlock wool cover so I can finally make it out of actual wool instead of out of hideous purple with aqua stars.
Rowan has pants made out of that fabric. It's very bright.

And I have succeeded in knitting myself a stroller. Not the actual stroller, but the money from the knitting - saved and hoarded over the course of months - has finally accumulated enough for me to click the buy it now button on ebay. Woo! You'll see pictures when I get it.

And the Fantastic Ribbedity Tube of Rainbow Delight is just that. A tube. Of rainbow. Delight. It's not really for anything at this moment. Just me saying - look it's ribbed! and the colors line up! I'm so cool!

If it's long enough for a scarf, some lucky person might get it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You gotta know that Pheobe.

I have been having issues with trying to make a pattern for Niall all day long. And in like, two seconds, Pheobe comes along and solves all my problems.
She is quite the gal. Go buy a diaper from her.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Better about blogging

Right. I'm going to do my best to do it up right. If you make a comment, it will make me feel like my efforts are worthwhile. *heavy handed hint*

Sooo. The waiting list is empty at the moment. Stacy's longies are done and drying, and they're way cute. I don't have a picture yet though, because I need to truck them outside for proper lighting, and I'm not doing that until they're dry.

You can see them here though, with my new trick. I've figured out how to read and knit at the same time. This is big folks. The lack of good TV in the summer (I'm in a reality show nightmare) and the fact that we never remember our netflix movie until it's too late to start one... plus I can't watch anything during the day since Rowan no longer naps (the boy is afraid of the Oompa Loompas - even in the new version. So anything with any amount of strife - which is almost anything that's not on PBS - is out). Had to do something to break up the miles and miles of stockinette. And voila. My library card is going to start to smoulder.So I cast on for the Fantastic Ribbedity Tube of Rainbow Delight. It is fantastic. And ribbed. And it is a rainbow. The yarn is from Tara, who got it from her dad, who got it at a yard sale or out of the trunk of someone's car or something. I think he paid $1 for a bunch of it, because he's cool like that. It's 80's Red Heart acrylic. Oh yeah! I tried to use it some in the baby hats, but it made a really ugly baby hat, so I didn't do that. What else can you do? Cast on so the colors will line up and make a tube of Rainblow Delight.
I also started on my first ever sock. See... the payment came due for the coop sock yarn from 3 Irish Girls, and while it is ok to order sock yarn while you still have some lying around that you've never knit - when it comes time to actually pay for this yarn... well you need to quit pretending and actually cast on a sock. So there. I'm now a sock knitter. Oh and I got Clodagh and Elsbeth. Aren't they pretty! Also, the above needles are the teeny addi dpns that are allowed in the courthouse. Just in case you need to know.It's pretty surprising that I have any time to do any knitting at all, what with the feeding Rowan. Here he has a sandwich for his 3rd lunch of the day. He also ate 3 breakfasts. And he's asking for a snack right now. Growthspurt anyone? I fear the teenage years.And finally, for your amusement, here is my latest venture into ghettofabulousness. I duct taped the edge of the stapled down lino to the carpet, because it came up, and I might as well because I have duct tape patches all over the thing anyway. I mean really. Who puts carpet in a dining room? Not me. Not ever ever ever. When we are not renters anymore, I will rip up any carpet that is anywhere near an eating area. Even if we're on the bare subfloor, there will be no carpet in any area that involves oatmeal. Fab! (and Rowan will still sing "In the ghetto" from that Elvis song. It's funny.)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

This is also a beard progress picture.

To John, great daddy to my kids. Good for rough housing and silly behavior. He even changes diapers.
Yes ladies, the total package.

Thanks for giving me my job (knocking me up), honey.

I love you.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Because I'm arrogant, or maybe I need a little more time, or something

I'm consolidating blogs. I kept two (actually more than that but two actually get updated) and I've been pretty bad at it. I update when I feel like it.
But I read lots of blogs. I just spent most of today feeling icky and reading blogs. And I feel mildy cranky when other people don't update their blogs. But I don't update my blog very much, so who am I to talk?
Well then. I'm turning over a new somethingorother. Whatever it is when you attempt to be better at something that you've attempted at being better at before. That's it. And because I'm so so arrogant, naturally I think that the knitting people want to know about my family. And my family people are just dying to know what I get up to with all that yarn.

For the knitting people, no worries. You'll still be right here, with the tempting glass of tea on the top of the page (ha Chelle! Go fix some tea!) But now you'll be privvy to pictures of my kids, and stories like the toilet incident and new pictures of John's beard progress.

For the family people, you now get to see what I'm knitting, and how I'm spending my time when I should be taking care of the kids and the house.

I'll probably be a bit more rambly. Because it will feel like I have more free time. Less pressure to keep two blogs going. More time to play Hassee (yes I am secretly a 12 year old girl. Totally John's fault. He showed me neopets to get me to play another game that got to be too hard once you got to the level with all the water and the rocks. I prefer feeding doughnuts to cute things.)

The old blog will stay where it is, so we don't lose the archives and all. Some day I will figure out how to get it all nicely printed out so we can have it on a shelf somewhere. No worries.

I'm pretty sure I'm talking to myself most of the time anyway.

You know what?

I looked at the calendar. July 13th is on a Friday. Remember my last Friday the 13th?

I'm reeeeeaaally looking forward to that now.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Just in case you need to know...

The Wake County Courthouse does not allow addi turbo needles. Nor do they allow the long metal Susan Bates DPNs. But they don't mind if you have the very short addi DPNs.
If you wish to keep your knitting needles you can't surrender them to the desk because they will keep them. But if you are ultra sneaky you can go outside and hide them in one of the Free Real Estate Magazine boxes and hope they'll be there when you come out.

Doing a swatch for a sock is much less tedious when you are waiting your turn in line.

They won't tell you beforehand, but you need to bring letters from your insurance company saying that they paid for your car - AND you ALSO need to bring a letter from your insurance company saying that they paid for the other guy's car. If you don't have that they won't even look at you and will tell you, "Come back July 13th." (but at least I'll know a little bit more of what to expect then, right?)

Funny thing: I realized that my turn was next and I was halfway through a row. I didn't say it, but I did think, "let me finish this row." Old habits die hard.

Good thing: The knitting needles were still in the magazine box when I got out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Remember this soaker?
How lovely. How pretty. How well it fit.

Gack. I killed it.

I washed it, lovingly, in the sink.
I put lanolin on it. I let it soak.
I put it in the washer to spin so it would dry quickly in time to be worn tonight.

I forgot it.

I washed it on hot. HOT hot. With a cold rinse.

And then I threw it in the dryer.


Now on the needles... A replacement. I wonder how fast I can knit it?

Friday, June 08, 2007

another one done

Here's the finished soaker for Chelle.
I had a little green left, but only enough for one row in each cuff. and you could barely see it, so it looked kind of dumb. So I took it out and just did the cuffs in the purple.

It's really sweet though. I just love how it ended up.

I'm already working on Stacy's rainbow ruffles, and am partway down the body with that one. I'll post a picture once there's enough to really get a look at.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Little pink cute!

You know, one thing I love about summer...
People want soakers and shorties. They're so much faster to knit. Nearly instant gratification. Especially size small.

It's not blocked and it still needs cuffs,
but Chelle needed a peek at this little pink soaker. I've got the barest smidge of green left, and some more purple for the cuffs. It's so soft I want to rub it on my cheek. Can't wait to see her little sweetie in it!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Jill's new bean

All dry and ready to send!
I just have to get the packaging together and weigh it up.


New Soaker design

So I've been doing the front loading soaker design for a while now. It was the first kind I made, and I figured out how it went together and I stuck with it.
Lately I've been dissatisfied. I mean, I have to add so many short rows to it to cover Niall's badonkadonk, I might as well move the leg placement. So... I have a new formula. And I like the way it fits MUCH better. And bonus - I can customise it to different thighs that much easier! Woo!
So here it is. Debut of the new design, here in elastic waist. This one is peace fleece with purewool contrast, for the soft. Elastic waist.

Why yes! You CAN use power tools in knitting

So there was a bunch of talk on diaperpin about how you can use a handmixer to make a twisted cord for your drawstring. I don't have a handmixer. I have a kitchenaid. There's a handmixer somewhere in storage, but who knows where and I'm not going hunting. Cabinet space is at a premium you know.

So you take one hook screw thingy...

and stick it in a power drill

and spin it! I tried to take a picture of that, but no dice. It's hard to take a picture of yarn stretching across the room when you're holding a drill and have scissors in your mouth. (They warned me to have the scissors close to hand for this. I took no chances.)

So anyway I got a lovely twisted cord

And put it into the newborn longies I was making

And the bonus with the drill...
It has a reverse if you do too much and need to untwist some.